Our Conference provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of Digital Contents and Applications.

Topics of Conference

The main topics include but will not be limited to: (Excellent surveying works in these areas are welcome, too.)

  • Animation Content Service and Design
  • Business systems with Digital Contents
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Communication Arts
  • Computer Graphics and Simulations
  • Database, Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • Decision support and knowledge–based systems
  • Digital Content Management for Business Applications
  • Digital Content Processing on High Performance Computing
  • Digital Content with Intelligent Technologies
  • E–Business Content, Technology and Service
  • E–Hospital
  • E–Learning with Digital Contents
  • E–Literature
  • Embedded Systems and Software
  • Entertainment with Digital Contents
  • Forensics and Image Watermarking
  • Game and Animation
  • Game Content Service and Design
  • GIS/LBS Content and Technology
  • Health and Information Technology with Digital Contents
  • Healthcare Management and Systems in Business
  • Human–Computer Interaction
  • Image and Information Retrieval on Digital Content
  • Image Processing
  • Industrial Issues on Media and Digital Content
  • Information Processing on High Performance Computing
  • Interactive Content Design
  • Interface Service and Design
  • ITS with Digital Content
  • Key Management and Authentication
  • Learning Content Service and Design
  • Medical Informatics
  • Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Business Processes with Digital Content
  • Multi Media Content Service and Design
  • Multimedia Services and its Application
  • Next Generation Communications and Networking
  • Privacy in Digital Content
  • Publication Technologies
  • Sensor Networks and RFID Security
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Signal Processing
  • Telematics and Home Network Technology and its Applications
  • Trust and Value-based Management Issues with Digital Content
  • Ubiquitous Computing with Digital Contents
  • UCC
  • U–City with Digital Contents
  • U–Culture with Digital Contents
  • U–Health Care
  • U–Politics and U-government with Digital Contents
  • U–Space with Digital Contents
  • U–Tourism with Digital Contents
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web 2.0
Contact Information

If you have any question, please mail to Secretary of DCA 2019 (stem@stemconferences.com).

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